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Basic idea about Computer Hardware

Basic idea about Computer Hardware

Before we start discussions about computer hardware, let us know some basic concepts in computer.Computer is an instrument that allows the mathematical operation to be done at very fast speed.For this, there is a keyboard, electrical system, storage, recording system.There are mainly two parts of the computer. Such as hardware or software.Our discussion in this episode is basically about Hardware

Computer Hardware : 
Computer uses mechanical components as hardware.Its mainly three parts. Namely - (1) The tools for providing information, 
(2) The central processing Unit and (3) The quantity of the results.

1] The tools for providing information : Its main four parts.Namely - 

a)Key Board = If any type of information is typed in the computer key then it receives the central unit.The exception of the computer is what the board's number varies.Many machines of type machine with keyboard.In both cases the key is to press the key.

b)Mouse = The keyboard that can be controlled by the computer without the keyboard, the mouse is called him.

c)Lite Pen = The light pen input device used to provide information instead of the mouse where the computer's mood is touched. 

d)Joystick = This input device is used for video games.

2]The central processing Unit : Its main three parts.Namely - 

a)Control unit = By sending information and necessary instructions to the memory or mathematical centre.

b)Logical Mathematical Centre = The work's control unit provides instructions and information from the unit to complete the necessary tasks.

c)Memory unit = Maintains all the information of the computer. Two parts of it Namely - RAM and ROM. Information can not be inserted into Temporary unit, or other information can not be deleted.If the temporary unit is disconnected, then all the particles are disconnected.

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